Audio: Minimum wage ballot measure among the big contests in upcoming election

Minimum Wage

Proposition B, the minimum wage ballot measure will be one of the big contests in the upcoming election. Tony Wyche is with Raise Up Missouri, the campaign committee supporting Proposition B. He says Missouri’s minimum wage, which adds up to $314 for a 40-hour work week, is unsustainable for most people.



Proposition B, which would raise Missouri’s minimum wage, is one of the big ballot measures in next month’s election. Patrick Toohey with the St. Louis based free-market group Show-Me Institute contends that raising the minimum wage is the least effective way to raise people out of poverty.



Wyche with Raise Up Missouri contends business owners also benefit when they pay their workers more money.



Opponents of the measure, including the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, claim higher wages will hurt workers because businesses will employ fewer people.