Audio: Mid-States Services on broadband internet and a survey for Trenton residents

Network cables (RJ45 ) connected to a switch

An online survey is being taken to determine the interest by Trenton residential and business locations in having fiber optics broadband internet available to them.

Mid-States Services, a Trenton internet provider since 1999, has requested the public’s input on potentially having a service that would offer much higher speeds than Mid-States currently does via wireless internet.

Sarah Allen is the office manager at Mid-States Services and talks about the survey.



Hard copies of the survey will be available at the business and Troy Slagle of Mid-States explains what the survey asks.



Sarah Allen mentioned the rate structure for the proposed fiber-optic Internet service for residential, then business subscribers.



100 megabits per second is twice as fast as 50 and 250 megabits per second is five times as fast. Troy Slagle heads up the Information Technology side of the business. He talks about what the faster Internet speeds will allow customers to do on their computers.



The fiber optics survey is available online by clicking HERE.