Audio: Mazzie Christensen reports on legislative progress

Mazzie Christensen (Photo via Mazzie for Missouri website)
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Second District State Representative Mazzie Christensen of Bethany reports that five bills have been officially passed by the Missouri House of Representatives so far this legislative session. The bills have been perfected, third read, and sent to the State Senate.

One of those bills is the Sandbox Regulatory Act. She says the bill would create a group to identify deficiencies in the current regulatory climate and remove barriers for businesses.



Another bill passed by the State House would prevent political subdivisions from forcing business owners to install electronic vehicle charging stations.

One bill addresses the Sunshine Law and minors.



Other bills passed by the State House involve open enrollment for public schools and childcare tax credits.

Christensen says she supported all of the bills passed so far, except for the one involving childcare credits.

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