Audio: Mazzie Boyd calls veto session a “Huge Waste of Time”

Mazzie Boyd (Photo via Mazzie for Missouri website)

The Missouri Legislature convened at the State Capitol this week for a veto session. However, the State Senate did not consider any of the budget overrides proposed by the State House of Representatives.

Second District State Representative Mazzie Boyd of Hamilton expressed her frustration, saying she felt the veto session was “a huge waste of time” because she had to be present to “basically do nothing.” She described the situation as normal.



Boyd noted that some of the vetoes the State House overrode involved pay increases for the Highway Patrol.

She remarked that she stands with law enforcement and had supported the Patrol receiving pay raises the first time the matter was considered by the legislature. She voted in favor of it again during the veto session to reinstate it in the budget.

Boyd added that all items concerning Northwest Missouri remained in the budget, and Governor Mike Parson did not veto those particular items.

Parson vetoed more than $555 million from the $53 billion state budget.



Boyd concluded by saying that the state legislature will now “go back to square one.”