Audio: “Kids Win Missouri” praises Missouri House’s $76 million Increase for foster and adoptive children

A coalition that’s dedicated to improving the well-being of Missouri children is praising the Missouri House’s bipartisan approval of a 76-million dollar increase for foster and adoptive children. Kids Win Missouri policy director Craig Stevenson says the House budget includes unprecedented support for the kinship and foster families who care for the 14,000 children in Missouri foster care.



The House budget increases the infant care enhancement from 50 to 80-dollars per month. It also provides a 45 percent increase in the clothing allowance for foster teens. 



The House budget also increases the clothing allowance for Missouri foster children ages 6-12 by 110-dollars annually, up from the current 290 dollars. Stevenson praises GOP Speaker Rob Vescovo and House Democrats for the budget, saying it represents a much-needed investment.