Audio: Kansas City International Airport prepares for holiday rush in new terminal

747 aircraft at terminal or jetway ( Photo by Patrick Campanale on Unsplash)
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(Missourinet/KTTN) – Kansas City International Airport is gearing up for the annual holiday rush, with a significant change this year. The 2023 Thanksgiving and Christmas travel period will mark the first major holiday season in KCI’s newly opened terminal. Spokesperson Joe McBride expressed his team’s excitement about the new facility.

McBride emphasized the importance of preparation for a smooth travel experience. “The whole experience is about preparing, taking time, educating, and if everyone does that, it may run like clockwork,” he stated, expressing optimism for the upcoming holiday season in the new terminal.

Travelers heading to KCI are encouraged to visit for important information about the new terminal, which opened in February. This facility offers a revamped flying experience that may require some adaptation for regular travelers.



KCI has also provided resources to help travelers familiarize themselves with the new terminal. “We have ‘how-to’ videos on our YouTube channel, showing everything from using the cellphone lot to picking up or dropping off passengers, as well as insights into navigating the terminal’s new layout,” McBride explained.

Additionally, travelers are advised to register with their airlines for electronic updates regarding flight delays or cancellations.

Despite the new terminal’s enhanced facilities, McBride advises travelers to arrive at the airport early, allowing ample time for parking, baggage check, and security procedures.

(Photo by Patrick Campanale on Unsplash)

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