Audio: Invenergy ready to move forward in north Missouri on Grain Belt Express

Grain Belt Express Route Map

The wind energy power lines known as the Grainbelt Express is moving forward under new ownership. Invenergy got the Missouri Public Service Commission’s unanimous OK to acquire the transmission line project to run from Kansas to the East Coast. This is the latest step in what has been a 5-year process.



Landowners and farmers in the path of the planned line complain that Grain Belt express did not talk to them about their plans, and were especially worried because the public service commission gave the project the power of eminent domain. (to place the lines across their land)

Conley says they will use that power, but appreciate what the landowners had to say in hearings.



The granting of eminent domain to a private company prompted Republican legislators to try to block the power lines by law, and that failed, mainly because rural towns and communities will get part of the power for cheaper prices.  Conley says the transmission lines will connect to the existing grid.



Currently, 39 Missouri cities are already signed up. If other states beyond Kansas and Missouri do not agree to the lines—these cities will *still* get their power from the Grain Belt lines.