Audio Interview: Trenton Development Director Ralph Boots on ConAgra and Economic Development

Economic Development

Since ConAgra made an announcement ten months ago that operations would phase out at the plant in Trenton beginning in the summer of 2017 and conclude with a potential closing sometime in 2018, very little information has been released. But there’s been lots of speculation.

Economic Development Director Ralph Boots came by KTTN to provide what he could regarding any updates on the ConAgra situation and also promoted recent and future efforts in obtaining business and industry. 

The study cost $70,000 and in addition to ConAgra, others paying for the report were the city of Trenton, the municipal utilities, Grundy County, among other stakeholders of the community. A marketing and consulting company called Addy Advantage provided a 200-page report.

Trenton Community Development Director Ralph Boots spoke with KTTN’s John Anthony about ConAgra and an economic development study for Trenton and Grundy County.