Audio: Health Department that covers three rural northwest Missouri counties creates COVID-19 vaccine waiting list

Vaccine Distribution or Covid-19 or Coronavirus

Northwest Missouri’s Tri-County health department has created a COVID-19 vaccine waiting list, due to the high interest in getting the vaccine and a shortage of staff covering the area there. Tri-County health administrator

Teresa McDonald is one of just three nurses covering rural Worth, Gentry, and DeKalb counties.  She says the list has helped streamline the vaccination process.



First responders, those over age 65 and high-risk individuals can be vaccinated starting today (Monday).

Missouri announced some changes to its vaccine plans last week, specifically the activation of phase 1B. That starts today (Monday) and includes those over age 65, high-risk individuals, and first responders.

Northwest Missouri’s Tri-County health administrator says the plan was announced after her agency had already placed a second order of vaccines for those in phase 1A. Teresa McDonald says these state decisions make planning at the local level difficult.



KFEQ reports there are more than 800 people on the vaccine waiting list in those three counties.