Audio: Grundy County’s 911 system upgraded with new features to better serve the community, better assist first responders

911 Emergency

Grundy County received a grant earlier this year to pay for an upgrade of its 911 system. Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs reports the state provided 60% of the funding, and 40% was local money.



Trenton Police Chief Rex Ross says the system belongs to Grundy County, but the police department provides manpower to run it. The previous equipment had been in the law enforcement center for about 13 years.

Ross explains the grant provided hardware and software. The new Next Generation equipment has new features.



Another feature involves abandoned 911 calls. Ross describes these as calls that do not go through all the way and are hung up before someone can answer or almost before they ring. The new equipment also has a call-sharing feature.



Ross says additional notes can be taken to assist law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical services at a particular address. Another feature of the new equipment involves address information on multiple 911 calls coming in at the same time.



Ross mentions that the state is trying to make sure everyone has Next Generation equipment. He thinks it is more reliable than the previous system.

The Office of Homeland Security on the federal level provided money to states, and for Missouri, it was through the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

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