Audio: Grudges continue among Missouri Senate Republicans as bickering breaks out on the floor

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The grudges continue among Missouri Senate Republicans. The upper chamber did not vote on any bills on Thursday.  A group of Republicans who continue to stall work in the chamber ate up the clock talking about abortion.

That’s when Senator Karla May, a Democrat from St. Louis, interrupted to speak her mind.



The bill she is referring to would allow low-income mothers to access Medicaid coverage during their pregnancy and for one year after giving birth. Due to the ongoing bickering, the Missouri Legislature has only passed one bill this session since it began in early January.

Senator Bill Eigel, a Republican from the St. Louis area of Weldon Spring, says a procedural technique is being used increasingly to interrupt debate and be disrespectful. He then blocked another Senator’s attempt to interrupt him and made accusations about a variety of things.

Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden of Columbia had enough.



The Missouri Senate has been bogged down all session by Republicans bickering with one another.

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