Audio: Greitens’ defense team questions whether key photo exists

Governor Eric Greitens

Defense attorneys for Governor Eric Greitens claim the grand jury that indicted him was never presented with a key photo to the charges brought against him.



KMOV-TV reports that in a seven-page motion, Greitens’ defense team argued Assistant Circuit Attorney Robert Steele mislead the grand jury when he instructed it to find probable cause for a violation of the law. According to the TV station, the motion states witnesses were never asked about the transmission of a photo. It further states that the woman in question testified that she didn’t see a camera or a cell phone that could have been used to take the “alleged” photo, but instead heard a sound “similar to an iPhone camera.”

The existence of a photo is central to felony invasion of privacy charges against Greitens. The grand jury indictment alleges he knowingly photographed the woman with whom he was having an affair within a state of full or partial nudity without her knowledge and consent and then transmitted the photograph in a manner that allowed access to the image through a computer.

KMOV reports the defense motion references a private investigator hired by prosecutors to work the case, William Tisaby, who “testified that he is unaware of any witness who has seen any photo as alleged in the indictment”.