Audio: Governor Parson signs five bills, but 61 still await his attention

Mike Parson Governor of Missouri

(Missourinet) – Governor Mike Parson has signed five bills into law since replacing Eric Greitens as head of state, but 61 other measures await his attention.



Among the bills signed by Parson Friday was one dealing extensively with the Department of Natural Resources. It gives the agency the authority to establish rules and approve target levels for the management of “coal ash” from coal-burning power plants. Critics say utility companies wanted the bill passed quickly in order to skirt federal EPA requirements set to go take effect in October.

The bill also calls for the Department of Natural Resources to establish a “Radioactive Waste Investigations Fund” to investigate concerns of exposure to radioactive waste. Parson also signed a law extending the sales tax holiday that occurs in early August to cover diapers.

The biggest piece of legislation still in front of Governor Parson is the state budget which allocates the distribution of $28.65 billion of which almost $9.5 billion in general revenue money handled by the legislature. Among the other bills yet to be undertaken by Parson one to reduce the individual state income tax from 5.9%-to-5.5%.


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