Audio: Get creative in Trenton’s Holiday Gingerbread Contest with Arts Alive

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Arts Alive is set to host a Holiday Gingerbread Contest, a key feature of the Five Points Alive Downtown Christmas festivities. The event will take place at The Space in Downtown Trenton on November 30th, from 5 to 7 PM. Contest entries will be judged on the same night and showcased from December 1st, starting at noon.

Participants can compete in three categories: individual, group, and professional. Dan Maxey, a representative of Arts Alive, highlighted that the group category is ideal for businesses and organizations, while the professional category caters to experienced bakers and caterers.



Prizes will be awarded to the first and second-place winners in each category, along with a People’s Choice Award. The winners will be announced at the Ketcham Community Center on December 1st, coinciding with the Downtown Christmas activities. Contestants are required to collect their entries from The Space on December 2nd, between 10 a.m. and noon.

Entries for the gingerbread contest must be primarily edible, with the use of Royal Icing. However, they do not need to be made entirely of gingerbread.



Non-edible components are permitted as part of the entry, such as on the base, but they cannot be attached to the main structure. Arts Alive requests that entries be presented on an 18 by 18-inch base.



Each entry must include the names of the contestants and a title for the creation. However, these details will not be displayed during the People’s Choice judging to ensure fairness.

Detailed information about the Holiday Gingerbread Contest can be found at the KTTN studios, the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce office, and Howard’s Department Store. Further details are available by messaging Arts Alive on their Facebook page or by calling Dan Maxey at 636-399-5371.

The Art’s Alive flyer on the Holiday Gingerbread Contest is displayed below, however, if you have a printer, you may obtain the original flyer distributed by Art’s Alive by clicking or tapping this link which will open the flyer in a new browser window as a PDF file.  You may then print the flyer at your discretion.


Arts Alive Holiday Gingerbread Contest flyer
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