Audio: Friends of Gallatin, with community efforts, raise funds to renovate Gallatin landmark

Friends of Gallatin

Four hundred thousand dollars have been raised so far to renovate the Cupola Building on the corner of Main and Jackson Streets in Gallatin.

The Friends of Gallatin, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, purchased the building from the City of Gallatin in September 2022. It was previously reported that the Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved the sale of the Cupola Building to the organization for $1.

Friends of Gallatin President Kate Chrisman says the group aims to renovate and restore the building as a community center.

The community raised $300,000 from May to October 15 this year through fundraisers. The Friends of Gallatin recently received a $100,000 donation from BTC Bank, granting the bank naming rights to the community center, as noted by Chrisman.

The estimated cost for renovating the building ranges from $800,000 to $1 million, subject to change based on in-kind donations the Friends of Gallatin receive in the form of labor for electrical work, foundation, or roofing.

The group is collaborating with a contractor experienced in historic and commercial buildings. The contractor is assisting with various building inspections and a cost estimate.



Chrisman mentions that the Friends of Gallatin is applying for grants, including matching or 80/20 grants, where the $400,000 would cover the 20%, with Economic Development providing the 80%.

The decision to conduct further fundraising will depend on whether the organization receives these grants, which would cover the remaining cost of the renovation.

Chrisman envisions the renovated building serving community members of all ages in various ways.



Chrisman reports that the Cupola Building believed to have been built around 1887, has served various purposes, including as a bank, post office, and grocery store.

While not the oldest building in Gallatin, Chrisman believes it has the most recognizable architecture in the city, notably its large dome.

The renovation is expected to be completed within 48 months.

Chrisman adds that the Friends of Gallatin formed about five years ago, consists of 13 women who live, work, and raise families in Gallatin.

The organization organizes community events and fundraises for its projects, with the Cupola Building renovation being its largest project to date.



Donations for the project can be made at the Gallatin branches of BTC Bank and Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri. Chrisman notes the banks will deposit the funds into the Friends of Gallatin account. Instructions for mailing donations are available at the banks.

The organization also has GoFundMe and Venmo accounts under Friends of Gallatin Downtown Improvement.

For more information on the Cupola Building renovation, contact Kate Chrisman at 660-663-7912.