Audio: Firearms Elk Season gets underway on Saturday for 5 lucky Missourians.

Bull Elk

Missouri’s 1st firearms elk hunting season gets underway at 1st light on Saturday morning.



Yet only 5 Missourians will get the chance to shoot an elk tomorrow. The Conservation department issued the permits to 5 lucky Missourians randomly drawn from more than 19,000 applicants. Selected hunters representing Van Buren, Mount Vernon, St. Thomas, Winfield, Liberty are heading into the woods. The lone resident-landowner permit will be used by Bill Clark on his 80 acres east of Peck Ranch Conservation Area. The four general permits may be used within Carter, Reynolds, or Shannon counties excluding the refuge portion of Peck Ranch.

 The Firearms Elk Season Runs through December 20, so if one of the lucky five who have a permit to shoot an elk does not get one by the time the nine days of elk season is over, they are out of luck.