Audio: Finding a balance in foreign agriculture land purchases and goverment intervention

Parson on foreign ag land purchase (Photo courtesy Brownfield Network)

(Brownfield Network) – Missouri Governor Mike Parson told the State Cattlemen’s Convention limiting government intervention will remain a priority for the 2023 state session. Parson tells Brownfield it could be a balancing act as state lawmakers address foreign ag land bills in the legislature.

“I think we all want to encourage the American dream for anyone who wants to be a farmer and come here the right way, but I think what we’ve seen in today’s world, we do have to protect against foreign countries coming here for an alternative motive other than just farming,” says Parson. “When you look at some of the things that China’s doing, provides a security risk at the same time, do they really want to be part of an agriculture family?”

Parson says ownership of foreign ag land isn’t a new issue for Missouri and it’s important to protect the land in the state. “I think it’s a worthy discussion. We live in different times than we did 10, 20, or 30 years ago.”

Parson will give his state of the state address on January 18 and says Missouri is in good financial shape. You may hear the interview at the link below.



(Photo courtesy Brownfield Network)