Audio: Federal worker vaccine mandate expected to drive nursing home workers out the door

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The Biden Administration is expected to require nursing home workers to get their COVID-19 vaccination. In Missouri, about 50-percent of nursing home employees have been vaccinated, one of the worst rates in the country, according to federal data.

Nikki Strong with the Missouri Health Care Association, which represents nursing homes across the state, says a mandate would drive a significant number of employees out the door – and likely cause some facilities to close.



During a Missouri House subcommittee hearing, St. Louis Democrat Peter Merideth says nursing homes have been dealing with chronic staffing problems due to low pay. He says the mandate might be the last straw for some of them.  Strong said 275 members responded to a survey about the federal mandate.



Strong says Missouri’s largest nursing home operator would be forced to close 27 facilities.



St. Louis Democrat Peter Merideth says nursing home workers should be getting vaccinated anyway.