Audio: Dozens of Missouri bills become law today

Missouri state capitol

Dozens of bills passed by the Missouri Legislature this year become law today. Alisa Nelson reports about some of the top proposals becoming official.



The Legislature is fully funding the formula used to finance Missouri’s K-12 public schools by giving 3.5 billion dollars to education.

State aid to most of Missouri’s public colleges and universities is being maintained at 1.2 billion in exchange for the schools not increasing tuition by more than one-percent this school year.

A new law allows Missouri counties to try and collect a fee from cell phone users for local 911 services. If approved by a state 911 oversight board and local voters, individual counties could collect a monthly fee of up to one dollar.

A tax cut plan passed reduces the individual tax rate from 5.9 to 5.5-percent and gradually reduces to 5.1% if the state meets certain targets. The legislation also drops the corporate tax from 6.25 to four-percent.

A partial repeal of the state’s prevailing wage law passed sets pay standards for public works projects based on location.