Audio: Demolition of 17th Street Bridge scheduled for June 1, 2020

17th Street Bridge

It will be the first of June before demolition begins on the old 17th Street Bridge in Trenton.  Trenton City Administrator Ron Urton discussed the project and was asked if the bridge project has been delayed because of the coronavirus?



Boone Construction Company of Columbia was awarded the bid at $2,339,736. Once demolition begins, the contract calls for the bridge project to be completed within 150 days, which is the 1st of November.  Urton reported a 17th Street detour and other safety information will be announced.



The bridge project is funded through various outside sources in addition to local funds from a city of Trenton sales tax. There’s $750,000 from the Missouri Department of Transportation, $650,000 the Union Pacific Railroad and $500 in the form of a community development block grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The city of Trenton finances the balance of the cost with a $1,400,000 loan. City Administrator Ron Urton on the tax of 3/8th percent. (0.0375)



The transportation sales tax at Trenton sunsets ten years after it went into effect with collections of the sales tax which began in November 2017.