Audio: Deadline is today for 4-H Energizer registration to be held in Hamilton

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January 27th is the last day to register for a 4-H Energizer to be held in Hamilton next week for 4-H members to explore multiple project areas.

Extension County Engagement Specialist in 4-H Youth Development Chelsea Corkins says the event will be at the Hamilton Middle School and Penney High School on February 5th. Registration will start at 9 o’clock that morning, and there will be three sessions throughout the day.

The contents will range from animal care to robotics, electricity to cooking, and other project areas.

Corkins notes the first H in 4-H is head.



4-H Energizer attendees must be enrolled in 4-H. 4-H is open to youth ages five to 18. Contact an Extension office or call Corkins at 660-886-6908 to enroll.

Youth already enrolled in 4-H can register for the Energizer at

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