Audio: Clinton Missouri man facing numerous felony charges after shooting at police during stand-off

Rick McCartney

A Clinton man in western Missouri faces multiple felony charges after shooting at police in a stand-off at a residence Saturday.



Police responded to a domestic disturbance Saturday and found McCartney’s wife outside the residence, who told them he was inside destroying things.

When officers yelled in through the front door for McCartney to come out and talk to them, he allegedly responded with an expletive-laden threat. “How about you shut the (blank) up and get the (blank) out before I blow your (blanking) head off,” officers quoted McCartney as saying.

They along with McCartney’s wife cleared the residence and set up a perimeter for safety. McCartney fired at least two rounds from the residence and continued to issue expletive-laced threats while conversing with officers. One officer stated that he heard a bullet as it passed near his head.

Police say he later came out of the residence unarmed but fought with officers who eventually handcuffed him. Officers found numerous firearms inside the residence as well as shell casings and bullet holes. McCartney is being held on a $500,000 bond.