Audio: City Administrator Ron Urton and Mayor Linda Crooks on declaring the health emergency in Trenton

Trenton, Missouri

It’s been a week since the Trenton City Council met in a special session to declare a health emergency for the city of Trenton and give additional authority to the Mayor and City Administrator to act in case conditions warranted.

City Administrator Ron Urton said that business is continuing as usual for city and TMU employees. He talked about the Mayor’s new ability to issue an executive order.



Even prior to the emergency declaration, the lobby for city hall and TMU were closed to the public. Payment of TMU bills can be done through the mail, online, or customers can use the drive-up deposit box in front of city hall.

Urton said utility and public safety workers are essential and have to have a physical presence for their jobs. He noted the City Hall workers are on the job with none of them working from home. Urton explains the additional duties he was given by the council to be the chief personnel officer and explained precautions being taken by city hall and TMU staff.



Mayor Linda Crooks, who spoke with KTTN by telephone, said she is choosing to stay home as much as possible.