Audio: Circle of Hope owners in Missouri, charged with 102 felonies, plead “NOT guilty” in court appearance

Boyd and Stefanie Householder Booking Photo

The owners of the now-defunct Circle of Hope Girls Ranch in southwest Missouri’s Humansville remain jailed without bond on Thursday morning, after pleading NOT guilty in Cedar County Court. Boyd and Stephanie Householder are from Nevada, near Humansville.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt had to stop speaking at one point during his Wednesday press conference, to compose himself. Schmitt says the charges are horrific.  A list of charges are contained within this article on the KTTN website.



Boyd Householder is charged with 80 felonies, including 56 counts of child abuse or neglect. He’s also charged with six counts of sexual contact with a student.

Boyd and Stephanie Householder of Nevada are charged with 102 felonies. Attorney General Eric Schmitt says Boyd Householder allegedly pushed one student down the stairs, for singing.



Court documents also allege that Boyd Householder punished one girl for drinking water, by forcing her to drink 220 ounces of water and then run until she vomited. 

Booking photo courtesy of Missouri Attorney General’s Office