Audio: Changes coming to Church Women United Thrift Store in Trenton

Church Women United

Several changes are coming for the Church Women United Thrift Store at 1703 Harris Avenue in Trenton.  Treasurer Cathie Bowe says when the store reopens on January 8th and 9th, there will be a different floor layout.



The Salvation Army of Chillicothe donated shelving and racks to Church Women United when the Salvation Army closed its thrift shop in Chillicothe. Another change will be price increases, which the board approved.



Bowe says she understands price increases will hurt some customers buying, but the increases should help with what Church Women United can give to other organizations. There are also costs to operate the thrift shop. Most of the raises will be no more than 50 cents, and most of the price increases will be on clothing.

Secretary Barb Spencer says another change is that masks are mandatory for shoppers and volunteers for safety. The number of shoppers allowed into the building at one time is limited, too.



Spencer notes there have been few complaints about the changes. The Church Women United worked with the health department and is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The thrift shop will reopen on January 8th and 9th with hours of operation from Fridays noon to 4 o’clock and Saturdays from 9 to 1 o’clock.

Church Women United is seeking volunteers and donations for its thrift shop at 1703 Harris Avenue in Trenton. Secretary Barb Spencer says the structure of volunteer work has changed, and there are now two workdays each week.



Workdays are Tuesdays from 8 o’clock to noon or 1 o’clock and Wednesdays from 8 to 2 or 3 o’clock. Anyone wanting to volunteer can show up during a workday to help. Treasurer Cathie Bowe notes that men can also volunteer despite the organization’s name.

Item donations can be brought to the back door of the thrift shop, which is a garage door. The thrift shop cannot accept appliances, TVs, chemicals, mattresses, or box springs and the group would prefer items to be brought when someone is working at the store.



Spencer says space is limited due to the remodeling of the shop. She asks that residents hold off on donations until January 5th.  Church Women United is also seeking a building to store items to be recycled, like clothing and shoes.

Anyone wanting more information on volunteering or to offer a place to store recycled items should contact Barb Spencer at 359-7597.

Church Women United donated $49,200 in 2020 to multiple organizations. Treasurer Cathie Bowe notes that was $17,100 less than what was donated in 2019. Donations were made to local and area groups to help keep them going.



Donations are also made to Life Options Green Hills.

Bowe says in order for the Church Women United Board to consider funding, someone tells a board member a need a group might have. The board then decides if it will help if there are funds available. Some donations are made on a regular monthly basis if possible.



Money donated by Church Women United comes from sales at the thrift shop at 1703 Harris Avenue in Trenton.