Audio: Benefits for vets include potential property tax exemption, other benefits include resources for widows of veterans

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Veterans Service Officer Wayne Kleinschmidt reports resources are available for the widows of military veterans as they can apply for aid and attendance.



They can also apply for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation or a widow’s pension.



Kleinschmidt notes the widow’s pension is not income-based, but aid and attendance are.



Kleinschmidt advises individuals that when they see their assets get below a certain level to call him and not wait until they run out of assets. He can help get the paperwork started, and says there, hopefully, will not be a gap in coverage.

If veterans have a 100% service-connected VA disability rating, their families may qualify for certain benefits. Those include Champ VA and Chapter 35 educational benefits.



Kleinschmidt notes there is also VA caregiver support.



Caregivers are advised to document the care they provide to a veteran which will assist in strengthening the veteran’s case. It also helps the caregiver receive compensation for assisting the veteran. A support hotline is available at 1-855-260-3274. It can be called Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and Saturday from 8 to 5 pm. Kleinschmidt himself can be contacted at 660-359-2078.

Veterans Service Officer Wayne Kleinschmidt is available at the Trenton VFW Hall usually the first Monday and Friday of the month to help military veterans with VA paperwork and answer questions. He is on call for the rest of the month. A veteran who needs help can call Kleinschmidt, and he can meet that person at the VFW Hall or Hy-Vee.



It is important that veterans bring their VA paperwork with them when they meet with him.



Getting a copy of medical records also helps if a veteran files an appeal, as veterans have the right to appeal a VA claims decision if they disagree.

If veterans are receiving VA compensation, they can also go back once a year for a review.



The sooner veterans can get their health problems documented, the sooner VA doctors and medical clinics can get a baseline, especially if there is a serious health problem.



Military veterans may qualify for a Missouri property tax exemption.

Missouri senior and resident homeowners with a 100% VA disability rating can receive up to a $1,100 tax credit. Renters can receive up to a $750 tax credit. Former prisoners of war with service-connected disabilities of 100% are exempt from state property taxes.



Veterans Service Officer Wayne Kleinschmidt can be contacted at 660-359-2078.

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