Audio: Aging equipment plagues Sunnyview as they attempt tax levy increase on April 4

Sunnyview Nursing Home

Grundy County voters have an opportunity in Tuesday’s election, to generate the local revenue needed to help finance several improvements to the Sunnyview Nursing Home and Apartments.

A 15 cent increase in the nursing home tax levy is on April 4 ballots across Grundy County. If approved, it would be the first increase since the initial levy was approved, and the nursing home constructed, back in 1973.

Information provided by Sunnyview indicates the call light system is out of date.

Replacement parts are becoming unavailable for repairs and within the next two to three years, it’s reported parts may no longer be available. The entire building is needing a new call light system as officials feel it’s one of the main safety features. An updated call light system allows for quicker responses from the nursing staff.

The boiler is described as very fuel inefficient and outdated.   It is original to the building from 1973. It uses up to 50% more fuel than an updated boiler. Sunnyview says the boiler system either should be replaced or have an individual heating/cooling system installed for each of the rooms.

Barb Cox and Doris Provorse discuss those needs.



Another area needing an upgrade is the kitchen where ovens are also described as original to the building.

Officials describe oven functions as not dependable as temperatures do not always keep steady.

Numerous repairs have been done and it is reported to be well beyond the life expectancy and may quit for good at any time.



Revenue from the tax increase is projected to raise about $180,000 per year to benefit current and future residents of the nursing home and apartments.

Officials have stated the additional revenue would go directly toward operations of Sunnyview Nursing Home and Apartments.  It’s been calculated that for an assessed valued home of $19,000 dollars, the amount of additional tax for the year would be $28.50.

With 160 employees, Sunnyview is described as one of the largest employers in Grundy County.

During the last three fiscal years, Sunnyview has paid over $7,400,000 in wages. During the same three-year period, another $1,600,000 was spent within Grundy County for utilities, products, and services.