Audio: 9th Street resurfacing project set to proceed in early May

9th Street Trenton

City Administrator Ron Urton says he’s been told by the Department of Transportation that the contractor for 9th Street resurfacing is to get the “Notice to Proceed” on May 4th.



Emery Sapp and Sons of Columbia were awarded the $4,322,039 contact for resurfacing Highway 6 not only going through Trenton but for areas from the west city limits of Trenton to Interstate 35 in Daviess County.

The 9th Street work begins with milling down the top two inches of asphalt, followed by a thin lift overlay with two inches of new asphalt. It covers one point seven miles between 4th Street and Highway 65.

The contractor also will be working on 35 miles of highway between the west city limits of Trenton and Interstate 35 in Daviess county. MoDOT describes this improvement as a “pavement preservation treatment”.

Urton expects sub-contractors will be hired to do specific portions of the work in Trenton which include sidewalks and water line improvements.



The 9th Street resurfacing will occur at the same time as the 17th Street Bridge is being replaced. City Administrator Ron Urton notes local traffic will be disrupted throughout the summer.