Audio: 20-day public comment period on Nestle bonds to take place in April

Now that the Trenton City Council has agreed to issue UP to $75,000,000 worth of taxable industrial development revenue bonds for the benefit of Nestles USA, a 20-day public comment is expected during April.

Micah Landes is executive director for the economic development group known as the North Central Missouri Development Alliance. She and consultant Phil Tate spoke with KTTN Monday night following the city hall meeting.



Those who wish to comment may contact City Administrator Ron Urton at the city hall OR Micah Landes with the alliance.

Phil Tate explains the next step.



If the public comment period begins April 2nd, the final action could be taken by the city council at its April 23rd meeting.

Micah Landes talks more about the negotiations with Nestles USA.



That’s the maximum amount of bonds to be authorized for Nestles.  Phil Tate and Micah Landes summed up their thoughts on Trenton being able to retain jobs.