ATV fails to stop at intersection in Spickard sending two to Wright Memorial Hospital

Ambulance with Medic Symbol (accident)

The patrol reports two people were hurt Saturday evening in Spickard when an all-terrain vehicle failed to halt at a stop sign and was hit by a car at an intersection.

The operator of the sports track, 19-year old Hunter Krawitz of Spickard, and a passenger on the ATV, 21-year old Heather Ragle of Altamont, were taken to Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton with moderate injuries. The driver of the car, 22-year old Austin Whitney of Trenton, was not reported hurt.

The accident happened at 3rd and Liberty streets in Spickard when the southbound sports track failed to halt at a stop sign, continued into the intersection and was hit on its passenger side by the car. The impact caused the sports track to overturn.

The damage was described as moderate to the sports track and minor to the car. Whitney was wearing a safety device but the occupants of the ATV were not.