Attendees have busy day at Thompson Research Center Field Day near Spickard

Thompson Farm Field Day

Guests attending the Thompson Research Center Field Day near Spickard Thursday received a free dinner, took a farm tour, and heard several presentations.

The farm tour included discussion of timber practices by Wurdack Research Center Superintendent Dusty Walter as well as a drone presentation by Hundley-Whaley Research Center Superintendent Bruce Burdick.

University of Missouri Animal Sciences Division Interim Director Bill Lamberson welcomed the guests and University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Vice Chancellor and Dean Christopher Daubert spoke before presentations began.

Reproductive Physiology professor David Patterson discussed research projects involving reproductive work. Animal Sciences Division Research Specialist Jordan Thomas discussed developing breeding strategies. Extension Assistant State Beef Specialist Eric Bailey talked about beef cow winter nutrition. Animal Sciences Division graduate student Harly Durbin talked about hair shredding scores. Extension State Beef Specialist/Assistant Professor Jared Decker discussed traits for beef cattle selection.

Agricultural and Applied Economics Assistant Extension Professor Scott Brown ended the field day with a discussion of how the quality of premiums have changed with lower cattle prices.

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