Associate Division of Circuit Court News at Trenton

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The Associate Division of circuit court at Trenton saw a variety of cases before Judge Steve Hudson.

28-year old William Moore of Kansas city said he did not have $871 owed for a fine, court costs, An overdue payment fee, and restitution in connection a case from last year. Judge Steve Hudson converted the fine, court costs, and a late payment fee to 49 days in the Grundy county detention center. Moore was given credit for already serving six of those days, and was remanded to serve the remaining 43 days in jail.

A show cause hearing was scheduled for March 22nd regarding the 380 dollars owed for restitution.

Moore had pleaded guilty December 8th to passing bad checks, and had been given until February 9th to pay 846 dollars for the fine, court costs, and restitution.

62-year old Gary Harper of Chillicothe pleaded guilty to an amended driving while intoxicated charge from last November 7th. He was sentenced to ten days in the Grundy County Detention Center. He’s also required to pay 312 dollars, which includes a recoupment fee of 146 dollars, 116 dollars in court costs, and a 50 dollar donation to the Grundy County Law Enforcement fund.

The DWI charge said Harper previously pleaded guilty to DWI in Dekalb County. That was an amendment from the original DWI charge which said Harper previously had pleaded guilty to DWI three times, once each in Dekalb, Clinton, and Caldwell counties. A plea agreement was involved.

A charge accusing Harper with losing control of a vehicle hitting a guardrail, and traveling off a road November 7th was dismissed by the prosecution.

23-year old William Harrison of Milan pleaded guilty to misdemeanor first degree trespassing. He was sentenced to five days in the Grundy County detention center, but was given credit for already serving those days.

Harrison must pay 116 dollars in court costs and make a 50 dollar donation to the Grundy County law enforcement fund. A plea agreement was involved.

Harrison was accused of trespassing in December on William Zang property on Route W.

26-year old Brooke Woody of Brookfield pleaded guilty to an amended charge of misdemeanor making a false affidavit to mislead a public servant last month.

Imposition of a sentence was suspended and Ms. Woody was put on probation for two years. She’s also required to complete 50 hours of community service within 90 days, pay 116 dollars in court costs, and contribute 200 dollars to the Grundy County law enforcement fund.

Ms. Woody also was sentenced to 14 days shock incarceration, but given credit for already serving that time.

Woody originally was accused of emailing a forged medical excuse document to have a court trial pushed back to a later date. That charge was amended to the misdemeanor count of making a false affidavit. A plea agreement was involved.

Woody withdrew prior pleas and pleaded guilty to charges accusing her with failure to register a motor vehicle/trailer annually with the Missouri Department of Revenue and authorizing another person to operate a vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility, both last October.

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