Ashli Hill is Sunnyview Employee of the Month

Ashli Hill Sunnyview Employee of the month

Sunnyview Foundation has announced the employee of the month from resident and family nominations.

Ashli Hill has been an employee with Sunnyview since 2012 and works as a Certified Medication Technician. Ashli received an employee of the month parking spot and a $25 check from the foundation. 

In other news, the community is invited to a tour of Sunnyview Nursing Home and Apartment on July 11.  There will refreshments also during the open house between 3 and 6 o’clock that Tuesday afternoon.

Sunnyview Foundation members continue with efforts to raise funds for additional landscaping at the nursing home.

Sunnyview Foundation, Inc. will next meet on July 13th  at 5 pm in the conference room at Sunnyview Nursing Home.