Area man very fortunate after Grundy County deer hunting accident sends man to hospital

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A deer hunting accident Sunday in rural Grundy County resulted in a minor injury to one person.

Grundy County Conservation Agent Jeff Berti said the incident happened east of Dunlap about 9 o’clock Sunday morning, explaining two hunters became separated when a deer came between the two. One person fired his rifle at the deer but the bullet struck a tree, separating the lead core from the outer copper jacket.

The bullet’s outer shell struck the other hunter on the right side of his ribs who was transported to Wright Memorial Hospital where, Berti said, it was discovered the copper shell hadn’t penetrated the skin but did leave a mark. The victim, whose name had not been released as of Monday evening, was treated and released from the hospital.

Berti confirmed the hunters are from the local area.

Berti noted the hunter who fired his weapon is of juvenile age and said the two hunters were about 40 yards apart when the mishap occurred. Although they were wearing hunter orange vests, Berti said they were in an area with very low visibility due to lots of heavy brush and trees.

Once the victim was struck by a ricochet, they summoned another friend about a quarter mile away, then all went to the hospital. Upon examination, the hospital contacted the sheriff’s office which in turn notified the conservation agent since it involved a hunting accident.

An investigation was conducted by Conservation Department area Supervisor Ken Pauley and by Grundy County agent Jeff Berti.

Tuesday is the last day of the firearms deer season with hunting allowed until a half hour after sunset. The second opportunity for the youth-only firearms deer season goes from this Friday, November 25 through Sunday, November 27.