April is the driest month on record in Trenton since 1918


April 2018 is the driest on record in Trenton in a century since records have been kept in 1918.

Just .55 of an inch of moisture from rain and melted precipitation has been measured this month at the Trenton Fire Station where readings are taken for the National Weather Service.

This is just the sixth time since 1918 in which recorded April moisture has been less than one inch in Trenton. The next lowest total was .61 of an inch in 1985, followed by .82 of an inch in 1962, .87 of an inch in 1980, .90 of an inch in 1948, and .95 of an inch in 1933. There was one year since 1918 in which the April total was not available in Trenton which was 1961.

The .55 of an inch measured this month in Trenton is just 15% of what is typical for the month with a normal amount of precipitation at 3.69 inches.

So far this year in Trenton, moisture totals 3-1/2 inches from rain and melted precipitation which is 40% of what’s typical for January through April which is 8.79 inches.

Moisture in Trenton has been below average the past six consecutive months and in eight of the past nine months. Precipitation was above normal last October in Trenton when there was 6.81 inches.

Moisture in Trenton in November of last year through this month totals 4.55 inches which is 8-1/4 inches below normal during that period.