An old scam with a new twist surfaces in North Missouri

Scam Graphic

Yet another scam is surfacing in the North Missouri, this time involving rental properties.

Sheriff Steve Cox reports his office began an investigation after a landlord notified him that an individual was attempting to rent his property. Scammers had obtained photos of the rental property on Facebook and Zillow, which is an online property management website. They then used those photos to create listings under a false name.

The scammer gave a local resident permission to go onto the property and look through the windows, stating he was out of the country and had the keys with him.  The scammer would then have requested the victim transfer money for a deposit to rent the property or as a down payment on the home with the intent to purchase it.  According to Sheriff Cox, the victim realized something was wrong with the situation and notified the actual property owner.

Cox noted that the scammer also had online listings for properties in Cameron and have notified the property owner.