Ambulance and SUV collide on 9th Street in Trenton


The Trenton Police Department reports a Spickard woman said her wrist hurt after an ambulance struck the sports utility vehicle she drove the morning of Tuesday, June 16th.

Sixty-nine year old Kathy Diann Tabbert was not transported to the Wright Memorial Hospital. No injuries were reported for ambulance driver 30-year-old Elizabeth Ann Webb of Jamesport or ambulance passenger 62-year old David William Gillespie of Chillicothe.

Both vehicles traveled east on Ninth Street before the collision. The ambulance was responding to a report of a crash near Farmers State Bank with its lights and siren activated. Webb told police she initially thought the crash scene was on the north side of the road, but it was on the south side. The ambulance reportedly proceeded to turn right from the turning lane when it struck the SUV.

Tabbert said she yielded to the ambulance due to its emergency equipment being activated. She thought the ambulance was going to turn left into the Farmers State Bank parking lot, so she continued east on Ninth Street. The SUV started to pass the ambulance in the right lane when the ambulance struck it. Tabbert claimed only the ambulance’s lights were activated but not its siren at that time.

The ambulance received minor damage to the front right corner. The SUV sustained moderate damage to the front left corner.