Although somewhat rare, snowfall in April is not unheard of

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Trenton has not received any measurable snow since February 18, 2021, when one-quarter of an inch fell. Snow and sleet this season in Trenton totals slightly over twenty-three and one-half inches (23.6 inches) which is nearly three inches above normal for the entire season.

There’s been measurable snow during April in Trenton in just eight of the 52 years since 1970, although there have been trace amounts of April snow in Trenton in six years during that period, meaning there’s been no April snow in 37 of the years since 1970 and none so far in April 2021.

In 2020, Trenton received one and one half (1-1/2) inches of snow in April, and in 2018 received six inches. Prior to 2018, Trenton went 20 years without measurable April snow, although there were trace amounts in 2013 and 2014. That 20 year period began after 1997 when eight and one quarter (8-1/4) inches were measured in April.

KTTN keeps monthly snowfall records since 1970 and daily precipitation and temperature records since 1918. April 19th through 21st of 1918 had a combined 16 inches of snow in Trenton. Record snowfall was established for each of those three days, one inch April 19th, 11 inches April 20th, and Four inches April 21st.

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