Alleged case of child neglect investigated in Chula

Livingston County Sheriff Car

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department last Tuesday investigated an alleged report of child neglect in the Chula area.

The department received a report of a parent who allegedly brought a child to school in the bed of a pickup truck. It was also purported that the child was not properly dressed for the cold temperatures and concerns were raised that the parent drove the child several miles to school while riding in the bed of the pickup.

Authorities made contact with the individual and later learned that the same individual had reportedly arrived at the school and was loud, yelling, disruptive and attempting to intimidate others.

The Livingston County Sheriff reports they are continuing with the investigation to determine if it was a case of poor parenting with a report to be submitted to the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney for the consideration of charges against the individual.

The individual has been advised to not have further contact with any school employee or to be on school property without consent.