Advisory Committee reviews $600K project at Trenton Municipal Airport

City of Trenton Website

The Advisory Committee met Monday night at Trenton Municipal Airport to discuss a potential upcoming project.

City Administrator Ron Urton said the next capital improvement project there involves removal of a grassy area and to replace it with concrete. The location is described as an apron area east of the fuel tanks.  Urton explained the concrete area allows for more clearance away from the fuel tanks while providing an additional tie-down area for the planes. Urton said an engineer has estimated the cost of the project at $600,000 with funding to come through a cost-sharing arrangement that allows the city to provide ten percent of the funds to match Ninety percent federal money. Such a project, according to Urton, would have to be done according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. The project also would be subject to bidding procedures.

Urton noted it could be sometime next year before the project is pursued as the city would need to have the federal approval and set aside local funds in a budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. While the advisory committee seemed willing to move forward, Urton noted the ultimate decision will be made by the Trenton City Council.

Regarding an update on the runway sealing project at the Trenton Airport that was done last year, Urton said the contractor is to return about the middle of May to touch up certain spots. That work will be subject to weather conditions permitting.

Members of the airport advisory committee attending the meeting were Dyle Wilson, Gary Shields, and Steve Hammond. Absent were Gary Hooyman and Cale Gondringer. Donnie Vandevender serves as airport manager.