Additional charges filed in Mercer County against Drake Kately, charges also filed against Princeton man

Charges Filed

Additional felony charges have been filed in Mercer County against the Kansas City man the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office reports has escaped from jail twice. The sheriff’s office notes 27-year-old Drake Kately has not yet been found by law enforcement following his latest escape the night of August 28th.

Additional charges for Kately are escape or attempted escape from custody while under arrest for a felony and damage to jail or jail property. He was charged in August with another felony count of escape or attempted escape from custody while under arrest for a felony, with a $15,000 cash-only bond. A warrant has been issued on failure to appear in the Associate Division of Mercer County Circuit Court Tuesday on several felony and misdemeanor charges in other cases, with no bond granted.

Mercer County Sheriff Stephen Stockman reports charges have also been filed against the person who he says drove Kately to Humphreys last week to meet a ride to Kansas City. Kenneth Riley Paul Lewis of Princeton has been charged with felony hindering the prosecution of a felony. Bond is $7,500 cash only.

Stockman previously reported Kately escaped from the jail at Princeton last week by breaking and bending the metal mesh on the rear side of the cell and sliding out between the wall and the cell. It is believed Kately exited the building through the boiler room’s old chute door. Appropriate agencies were notified, including the Kansas City Police.

The sheriff said Kately escaped the night of August 9th by digging in the dirt at the bottom of the fence around the outside exercise area, stripping off his clothes, and sliding under. Kately was reportedly found hiding in an apartment in Princeton and taken into custody.