Accident on 9th Street in Trenton injures Iowa woman

Accident-Crash graphic

The Trenton Police Department reports a Corydon, Iowa woman sustained injuries as the result of a pickup truck striking the car she drove the morning of Tuesday, June 16th. A Trenton teen driving the truck received a citation.

A private vehicle transported 25 year old Mindy Leann Carpenter to the Wright Memorial Hospital of Trenton. She reported soreness in her neck and right shoulder. No injuries were reported for 16 year old Kaleb Tyler Renken.

The vehicles traveled east on Ninth Street just east of Normal Street before Carpenter reportedly activated her right turn signal and began to turn into the Serve Link Home Care parking lot, as she is an employee at Serve Link. Renken told Officer Mike Wilson that Carpenter slammed on her brakes suddenly, and he was unable to slow down in time. The pickup’s front passenger side fender hit the car’s rear passenger side bumper.

The car continued rolling southeast once it entered the parking lot, and Carpenter said she turned her steering wheel abruptly to the right to avoid a fixed light pole. The front driver’s side tire struck the curb on the east side of the parking lot. The car came to rest on all four wheels in the grass area east of Serve Link.

Renken was cited for following too closely. He has a municipal court date of July 7th.