Access II Independent Living Center in Gallatin offers vans with wheelchair lift

Access II Independant Living Center Gallatin, Missouri
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Access II Independent Living Center of Gallatin has a transportation program available for individuals in need of a vehicle with a wheelchair lift.

Marketing and Development Director Jessica Adkins says two wheelchair accessible vans may be rented to transport individuals or groups to doctors appointments or recreational activities. Renters would need to provide their own driver, valid insurance, a driver’s license, a $100 deposit, and gasoline. Deposits are returned as long as no damage is done to the rented vehicle.

Individuals and groups may rent the vans for more than one day at a time, and more than one person using a wheelchair can ride in the vehicle at a time. The program is funded through a Missouri Department of Transportation grant as well as private fundraising which is done to support the program.

The program has existed for at least five years, but Adkins does not think many community members know about it. She encourages anyone in the community who has a need for a wheelchair accessible van to utilize the program.

Those who rent the vans do not need to prove they have a disability, but only need to fill out a paper with their name and phone number.

Access II serves Caldwell, Carroll, Daviess, Grundy, Harrison, Livingston, Mercer, and Ray counties. Vans may be reserved by calling Access 2 (II) at 660-663-2423.

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