Absentee ballots cast in Grundy County double compared to last election

Absentee Voting

A surge yesterday in absentee voting at the county clerks’ office significantly increased the total for Grundy County in this election.

A total of 40 absentee ballots were cast Monday between the office hours of 8:30 and 5 o’clock. That raises the total number of absentees cast to 183. Another dozen absentees have been requested but have not yet been returned to the county clerks’ office. Some could be in the mail today.

The 183 absentees are more than double the amount cast for the same election last year. In 2018, the April elections in Grundy County had 73 absentee votes. The year before, in 2017, Grundy County had 95 persons voted an absentee ballot.

Reasons for the significant increase in absentee balloting are due mostly to a four-way race for Mayor in Trenton, eight individuals seeking four seats on the Trenton City Council, and the Trenton R-9 debt service levy issue.