A rundown of issues and ballot choices in Grundy County for the April 6 election

Vote Election Graphic

There have been 83 absentee ballots cast in Grundy County, as of noon on Friday, in advance of next Tuesday’s election. Another two dozen (24) remain out but could be voted and delivered in person or by mail in time to be counted with the election results.

The county clerk’s office on the second floor of the Grundy County Courthouse will be open for special hours tomorrow morning: 8 o’clock until noon. The absentee balloting deadline is at 5 o’clock Monday afternoon at the clerks’ offices in Missouri.

The April 6th election will have the usual in-person voting hours of 6 in the morning until 7 o’clock in the evening.

Grundy County again will have eight polling locations. These include four in Trenton plus Laredo, Galt, Spickard, and Edinburg. There are no changes as rural townships have been combined with a neighbor OR come to a Trenton location to vote.

Grundy County has no declared write-in candidates for Tuesday’s election.

Balloting will include the Trenton R-9 Board of Education; each of the four wards of the city of Trenton; the proposed use tax for the city of Trenton; and enforcement of brush control in Grundy County. There also are ballots for the towns of Galt and Laredo.

Seven townships have issues and candidates for their respective boards. Those are Harrison, Liberty, Lincoln, Marion, Taylor, Trenton, and Wilson. These townships were required to have candidate names on the ballot because they also are voting on a local issue.

Thirty-five cent road levies are proposed for Harrison, Liberty, Lincoln, and Taylor townships of Grundy County. Marion township votes on issuing $70,000 in general obligation road bonds. Wilson township will rely on write-ins to fill positions.

Trenton Township has two candidates for trustee and two others for two board positions; however, one of the board candidates, Danny Peto, died last month – after the deadline to withdraw names from the printed ballots.

Many other jurisdictions in Grundy County were not required to have an election because they have the exact number of candidates file for positions that are available.