A preview of election day in north Missouri

Election Day

This could be considered “nomination” day. Candidates in the primary election are nominated by their respective parties to run in November’s general election.

Ballots to choose from represent the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Constitution parties.

With just one county race and one for state representative, Grundy County has fewer absentee ballots to count that it did in the last three primary elections.  As of the deadline yesterday afternoon, 127 absentees have been completed.

Another nine are out and yet to be returned to the Grundy County Clerks’ office.

By comparison, 221 absentee ballots were voted two years ago; 2012 primary election had 317 absentees; and from six years ago, 277.

Republican voters in Grundy County’s first district choose from two candidates for first district commissioner. Mercer county has three contests for Republican nominations: presiding commissioner; collector-treasurer; and public administrator. Livingston county has three races: Republican party for eastern and western district commissioner and democrat party for east district commissioner.

Three races also are noted in Harrison County, all in the Republican party: northern district commissioner, sheriff, and coroner. Sullivan county has races for second district commissioner and coroner-both in Republican Primary.

With one contest each are Daviess county Republican party for first district commissioner; Putnam county Republican for collector-treasurer; and Linn County Democratic Primary for first district commissioner.

Republican voters choose from two candidates each for seventh house district and for second district state representative. They also choose from two persons running for the Republican nomination as 21st district state senator.

Candidates also will be nominated for sixth district congress from northern Missouri; and for several statewide offices.

The only ballot issue within this area is a 50 cent tax levy for road and bridge purposes in Sullivan County. The polls are open until 7 o’clock tonight.

KTTN FM 92.3 will feature local and area election coverage tonight after the AP news at 7 o’clock.

There also will be periodic reports on the Missourinet.

Randall Mann


Randall has been with KTTN/KGOZ for almost 20 years. He is the current Engineer for all of the stations, as well as working "on-air" from 6 to 10, am in the morning. Randall does a bit of everything including producing advertisements as well as writing the occasional news article. Randall is also the current Webmaster for the studio as well as the local graphic artist.

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