9 inches of rain at Jamesport highlights overnight flooding

Road Closed Due to Flooding

Storms overnight left heavy rains causing flooding, high winds caused some tree damage and power outages for scattered areas, and there are a few reports of hail.

At approximately 4 pm radar indicated storms forming in Eastern Kansas that were tracking to the east moving into Missouri. By the time they reached Missouri, the cells started tracking Northeast and expanded in size and coverage. Between 8:30 and 9 the first severe thunderstorm warning was issued by the National Weather Service in the Western portion of the Green Hills and as the system tracked to the East prompting further warnings in Grundy, Harrison, and Linn Counties.

A water rescue was reported after 6 am for a vehicle, with female inside, stranded on Highway 190 at Clear Creek bridge south of Jamesport. A citizen reported to KTTN water was too high on both sides of the railroad overpass.

What was described as several feet of water covered Route V east of Laredo at 12:30 am. 4th and Ellison in Trenton was described as impassible at 1 am due to flooding. Too much water caused a vehicle to stall on 3rd Street near the old Chillicothe prison property as of 4:30 am.

Reports made after 6:30 am include six miles east of Jamesport on Route F flooded. Five miles east- northeast of Jamesport on Route Double-W has flooded. Flooding also reported on Grundy County Route W at Wolf Creek and Hickory Creek– locations that are four and six miles southwest of Trenton.

Thunderstorm wind damages from last night included a tree blown down on a box trailer one mile northeast of Chillicothe. Several trees were knocked down in Gallatin.

Dime size hail four miles southeast of Denver, Missouri; an inch and three quarter hail in a report three miles northeast of Albany.

This is a sampling of storm reports from various sources who relayed information to the National Weather Service last night and early today.