7-year-old Gallatin girl injured when car slides into tractor-trailer truck in Trenton

Traffic Accident

A 7-year-old Gallatin girl received an injury at a Trenton intersection when a car slid into the pulled unit of a tractor-trailer. Trenton Police conducted the investigation at 9th and Harris on Thursday.

A car driven by 37-year-old Devin McCray of Gallatin was southbound on Harris Avenue while the large truck was westbound on 9th Street. An officer quoted the driver as being told the car started to slide due to road conditions and could not stop before hitting the trailer.

The damage was listed as extensive to the car and minor for the towed unit. The truck was driven by 30-year-old Terry Clark of Tolar, Texas.

The police report noted a seven-year-old girl in the car sustained a bloody nose and was evaluated by an off-duty paramedic. Two other children, ages ten and 12, along with the driver of the car were not hurt in the accident.