6.3 inches of rain in Trenton is the most in 99 years


Trenton’s official report of six inches and three-tenths of rain has established new precipitation records – and not just for one day.

The government weather information is taken at the Trenton fire station for 24 hour periods ending at 7 o’clock each morning.

Not only is the 6.3 inches a new rainfall record for today, it’s also the most rain Trenton has received in a 24 hour period in about 100 years. KTTN has temperature and precipitation records dating back to 1918.

Previously, the greatest amount of rain in a 24 hour period was September 18th of 1978 when Trenton received 5.61 inches.  The most rain on any July date was 5.55 in 1974.

The 6.3 inches overnight broke the previous record of 2.85 inches set 25 years ago in 1992.

Citizens in several locations of Trenton and rural Grundy County reported rainfall of 5 to 7 inches.  Our regular weather observer at Jamesport reported 9.3 inches of rain.