3rd Circuit Treatment Court recognized for 20 years of service

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Last month in Branson, Missouri, the 26th annual Missouri Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP) training conference took place, marking a milestone with the 3rd Circuit Treatment Court Program being acknowledged for its 20 years of dedicated service.

The 3rd Circuit Treatment Court Program, a pivotal element of Missouri’s judicial landscape, serves a broad community encompassing Grundy, Harrison, Mercer, and Putnam counties. At the helm of this essential service is Judge Matt Krohn, who oversees the program as the Supervising Judge.

The team under Judge Krohn’s supervision includes a diverse group of professionals dedicated to rehabilitation and justice. This includes counselors, probation officers, trackers, a Treatment Court Coordinator, prosecutors, the sheriffs of each involved county, and a representative for defense counsel. Together, they address the unique challenges faced by participants, offering structured support and judicial oversight.


3rd Circuit Treatment Court 2024
Team members (left to right): Isaac Chaney (Probation and Parole Officer for Mercer and Grundy Counties); Laurette Wigal (Probation and Parole Officer for Harrison County); Melanie Tipton (Preferred Family Healthcare, Director of this treatment provider); Ashley Hale (Preferred Family Healthcare, Counselor); Stephanie Whipple (Preferred Family Healthcare, Counselor); Penny Hines (3rd Circuit Treatment Coordinator); Judge Matt Krohn, 3rd Circuit Treatment Court Judge; Cory Coleman (Collector/Law Enforcement); Toni Hamilton (Juvenile Office Representative); and Nikki Hinkle (Probation and Parole Officer for Putnam County).

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